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Technique Details
  KMc1 Two camera shot with transition. It's the Intro piece. 10/11/00 56k, w/sound
  Dual Cast Two streams running in a single frame, TV captures at 56K.  A challenge of video placement within a page.  Navigation buttons made with Macromedia Flash. 2/3/01 2-56k, w/sound
  56K Test Current 56k test piece, used to test brightness, contrast, motion and clarity.  Original footage, usually, this piece changes almost daily. 56k, w/sound usually
  JJumpstart Connect Jumpstart Inc., a new organization in Northeast Ohio, asked us to provide a live broadcast of some business grant announcements.  Here's the archived version. 100k, w/sound
  300K Test Current and recent archives of 300K streams. 300k, w/sound
  Johnny Mnemonic Just a piece from Johnny Mnemonic which presented its own challenges 100k, w/sound
  Shameless Promotional/Demonstration piece taken from a 70 year old movie, un-restored beyond transfer to VHS.   10/12/01 100k, w/sound
  Imperial This one presented a number of problems.  Since I transferred from VHS tape I had to run at 100k. It's the only black & white piece in the group, and it's 22 minutes long. 6/2/01 100k, w/sound
  Bush How much pipe do you need? I've been able to run this piece through AOL at 18k. 6/30/01 28.8k, w/sound

Here's a hybrid of PowerPoint and Media Player 9 telling the story of firewalls and internet security.  12/22/02  100k, w/sound & Slides
  Here's a new piece that we encoded to be run from a CD; it runs just as well over the web.  It's a 26 minute piece from the American Heart Association about current instruction techniques used in teaching CPR. 1/02/02 100k , w/sound
  8/22/01 56k, 26 minutes.  Have a better connection? Try this: HOMER100 56k, w/sound
 56k   100k   256k Three versions, good/better/best kind of thing.  Choose your bandwidth.  Three minute sample of a training piece is on how to pass your Scholastic Aptitude Test. Current testing piece for really bad VHS source. 10/14/01 56k, w/sound 100k, w/sound  256k, w/sound
 56k    100k     300k     Welcome to Akron/Summit County. This piece was encoded for the John S. Knight Convention Center from an already encoded MPEG video and demonstrates our capability to do what is commonly thought impossible... to re-encode video with high quality streaming results. 02/10/02 56k, w/sound 100k, w/sound  300k, w/sound
300k   X-BOX Updated demonstration of what can be accomplished in 300k of bandwidth with an already encoded source. Great commercial for XBox. At 480x260 resolution, this stream is larger than common 300k streams. 02/25/02 300k w/sound


Dick Feagler on WVIZ (PBS)

This is a current piece utilizing a new approach to video processing/encoding that demonstrates what we can do using Microsoft's latest and greatest tools. If your graphics card is up to it, try this one full screen. Has a fallback stream at 190k. The "240k" link at left is the same clip delivered at 640x480 resolution.  01/21/04                                                         

240k w/sound




Dead Sea Scrolls This piece is a 20 minute video captured from a DVD source. The subject matter is very interesting as it covers much about the origins and revisions of the Bible. This piece is owned and used by a group that presents an exhibition of Dead Sea Scroll fragments and a remarkable collection of Bibles.  Both the 100k and 250k are viewable full-screen. 03/25/04 240k w/sound


Here's a whole website devoted to samples of our more current work.  We wanted to show the staff of the convention center the type of streaming/chat/survey pages that could be used in their efforts.  03/20/03  100k w/sound

One of the websites we've developed with integrated video spots, mostly taken from TV broadcasts.  For quick reference take a look at the Site Map. 56k, w/sound 100k, w/sound


This piece disproves the widely held concept that encoded files can't be re-encoded. This clip was sent to me by a friend. It was encoded fairly well at 320x240. I re-encoded the clip at 512x384 - almost 3x the viewing area. A pianist with balls!  280k, w/sound

Finger Lakes

Got Cable If you've got a cable broadband connection you can view these two streams and glimpse the future of the media 500k, w/sound